Le vendredi 15 mars

Bonjour, bonjour. Here’s what we got up to today!

Les sciences humaines 7A & 7B – We wrote our quiz today and completed our comparison assignment. There were a few students who did not have a chance to complete the good copy of their comparison assignment in class, so they have the break to complete it.

FLA – We worked on some editing on the errors I have identified for their verb conjugation. Who will move onto grammatical errors next class.

Les mathématiques 7C – We wrote our algebra test on expressions and equations today. If time is good to me, I should have marks into SAS before the end of the weekend.

Le jeudi 14 mars

We had a great concert today with Vishtèn. If you enjoy traditional Acadian music with a bit of a twist, check them out. Here’s what we got up to today.

Les mathématiques 7C – We managed to get another class in before our test tomorrow, we were expecting the concert to run longer than it did. We completed some more review in preparation for tomorrow’s test. The google classroom homework has been uploaded and the code, in case it is needed – kus8b7.

Les sciences humaines 7C – We had our quiz today and took some time to complete page 14’s comparison assignment. I took in their copies and will use their ideas for the next step with the assignment.

Le mercredi 13 mars

We have our concert tomorrow, 2 dollars are needed to cover admission and travel. Some students were asking about bringing snacks along with them but I was unable to find an answer. It won’t hurt to take something in case; I should have an answer tomorrow morning. Here’s what we got up to today.

Les sciences humaines 7A & 7C – We took some time to go over the review questions in preparation for our quiz – 7C writes their quiz tomorrow, 7B and 7A writes their quiz Friday. We worked with a partner on the comparison assignment (page 14) and we should have it done in class by the end of the week.

FLA 7C – We continued our reading comprehension activities. I have everyone’s exercise plan for François and we will have time for some final editing on Friday.

Les mathématiques 7C – We completed some final review work for word problems requiring expressions and equations. We spent a majority of the class working on problem solving using the resources developed with Mr. McCourt from the board office. We were fortunate to have Mr. McCourt and Mrs. McCourt available in class to provide some extra support. The google classroom homework has been uploaded for today and tomorrow. We have our test on Friday!

Le mardi 12 mars

Bonjour! Thank you to those who sent your two dollars in for the Vishtèn concert on Thursday. We had another presentation today. Today’s was provided by some UPEI Nursing students on the effects of smoking and vaping. It was really well done and the students were quite surprised to see the impact of cigarettes and vaping. So, I’m certain they are well discouraged from cigarettes. Here’s what else we got up to today.

FLA 7C – We started into a reading comprehension activity. We read through a comic and started responding to some questions based on the information shared in that particular comic.

Les mathématiques 7C – I took in the homework today. The hockey academy crew has that particular homework tonight as they left yesterday before the assignment was handed back. We completed some textbook work with word problems and some review work for Friday’s test. The google classroom (kus8b7) work has been uploaded and the students have review material to work on.

Les sciences humaines 7B – I checked the homework completion of the review questions and we completed page 14 of the student notes where we are to compare the Canadian governing structure to that of Ancient Athens. We had some time for partner work and we went over the review questions for Friday’s quiz.

Le lundi 11 mars

Another reminder for Thursday’s concert. We are asking students to bring in 2 dollars to help cover the bus fee and entrance into the concert. Also, we had a quick but helpful presentation today by the Charlottetown Police Force. They came to the class to address and help prevent issues involving social media. The students discussed the topics of consent, the impact their actions or posts could have on others and the consequences of their actions. It was really well done. Here’s what we got up to today.

Les sciences humaines 7A, 7B & 7C – We had time today to work on our review questions (found in the sciences humaines folder) and continue to work on our comparison assignment between Canada and Ancient Greece. All three classes are in slightly different places, so the homework is…

7A – Complete the comparison assignment, page 14 in the student booklet. Each section is to have 3 ideas to be complete. We have a quiz scheduled for Friday, March 15.

7B – The students are to complete the review questions sheet with complete sentences. We have our quiz scheduled for Friday, March 15.

7C – We have our quiz scheduled for Thursday, March 14th.

Les mathématiques 7C – We have our Unit Test scheduled for Friday, March 15th, so our week will be a lot of review. Today was spent on expressions and applying values to variables. The students were given back a word problem assignment they had completed last week for Thursday. Their homework tonight is to complete the corrections. In case they do not have the document, it can be found in the maths folder. I have also uploaded the reach back homework in the google classroom (kus8b7).

FLA 7C – We reviewed our basic questions and answers and verified our understanding of others’ answers. We used the majority of the class to complete some final corrections to our exercise plan assignment. I will be proofreading their copies and giving them back Wednesday for some final adjustments. The students can continue to work on the assignment at home.

Le jeudi 7 mars

Bonjour! Next week we will attending a concert put on by Vishten, a francophone band from PEI. The concert is scheduled for Thursday, March 14th and we are asking the students to bring in 2 dollars to help cover the costs of the bus. Parent Teacher interviews are tonight (5pm to 8pm) and tomorrow (8h30 to 12pm). Come on out, and bring your son or daughter along as well! Here is today’s happenings.

Les mathématiques 7C – We worked on some textbook questions similar to those we’ve worked on in our stations activity. Some students did not complete the work and it was assigned for homework – Page 248, questions 2 and 3.

FLA 7C – We used today to edit and correct our paragraphs. The online resources were a bit trying and required some extra patience on our behalf. I will take a look at the work thus far and develop a plan for Tuesday. The students need to make sure all three mini-paragraphs are typed in their presentation.

Les sciences humaines 7B – We continued our review questions (found in the sciences humaines folder) and some more voting. We discussed some of differences and similarities between Canada and Ancient Athens and watched a video for further ideas. Students should work on their review questions over the weekend as we will be having a quiz Friday, March 15th.

Le mercredi 6 mars

Good day and bonjour. Here’s how the day went.

Les sciences humaines 7A & 7B – We started things off with some review questions. I handed out a review page of 20 questions to work on for review. We will be using this page at the beginning of each class to guide our review. I will be organizing a quiz next week using the topics of this particular review sheet. The review sheet has been uploaded to the sciences humaines folder.

FLA 7C – The students worked on their exercise plans and started self editing their work. The students that did not finish typing their 3 paragraphs in their presentation need to complete this for homework tonight. We will be using tomorrow’s class exclusively for self-editing.

Les mathématiques 7C – We reviewed the difference between expressions and equations and how to organize our work with them. We corrected our work from the stations and then started a work sheet of the same format as the stations. This sheet is to be completed for homework and any students that forgot to take it home, I have uploaded a copy in the maths folder. We are taking a break this week from the google classroom homework tasks. I need to try some reformatting ideas for the tasks.