Le lundi 8 juin

Good day everyone, long time no post.

One important item that needs to be shared. Now that the school is somewhat open, I have had the opportunity to have a handful of students into the classroom in the morning. I had a session today and will continue tomorrow, Thursday and Friday, 9am until noon. I have had a few students take advantage of the opportunity and I wanted to double check if there were others. We have been focusing on math but I can bring in the other classes. Please contact me if you are interested! Further details can be shared then.

Le mercredi 13 mai

Good morning!

Everything seems to going smoothly with the lessons. I’m appreciating the schedule more and more – Monday: Sciences, Math, ELA, Tuesday: SS, Math, ELA Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: Math, FLA, ELA. Any thoughts or concerns on your part, please let me know.

Video uploads – I worry that the video uploads will be testing our patience more and more. I apologise that some of them have been late getting uploaded into the google classroom. The program is demanding more and more time when loading and uploading recordings.

Student Progress – I’ve received a few emails from parents interested in their child’s progress and work completion. I am more than happy to share information on both progress and completion. Please feel free to contact me any time and I can pass along the pertinent information.

Le jeudi 7 mai

Good morning! I am having tech issues again and items are not being recorded. Once I can something done I will post it in the google classroom.

Les maths 7C & 7D – A review lesson on positive and negative integers in response to the formative quiz we wrote on Tuesday.

Gimkit tomorrow at 10h00 !!!!

Le mercredi 6 mai

Good day! A couple of items for your consideration.

Weekly schedule – So we’ve tried the new schedule of limiting Science and Social Studies to one lesson per week seems to be working well. I will be checking with the other Grade 7 teachers to get their thoughts to see if you be continuing this format into June.

Videos – I attempted to prepare a video for today’s math lesson a few times yesterday but I’m not having much luck with my Screencastify. I will try a few more times today to get it done but the presentation should be able to suffice. So, just a heads up the videos may be reduced in number as I try to sort out the problem.

Le lundi 4 mai

A few items for today.

Les sciences 7D – I repeated the formative quiz from last week for the students to have an opportunity to correct an errors. However, there is an added challenge that is described in the videoclip. Along with the quiz and a review page, I have uploaded a présentation on the cell. It is an intro to Chapter 4 but a minimal intro, I’m trying to go very slow with the information.

Les maths 7C & 7D – We have essentially finished with unit 8 on circles and area. We will use the next couple of days to review and affirm our understanding of the math. I included another formative assessment modelled after the province’s formative assessments normally given this time of the year. It includes the foundational math outcomes from the year. We will be doing a few of these over the next few weeks.

Le vendredi premier mai

Good morning!

An update for everyone.

Les maths – I tried two google form quizzes this week, yesterday and today. Today’s wasn’t initially planned but something I put together in response to yesterday’s quiz – just a few common errors I wanted to check in on.

Les sciences et les sciences humaines – We will try a similar schedule next week. With a larger lesson for each – Les sciences on Monday and les sciences humaines on Tuesday. On those days, the students will not have a FLA lesson as those are scheduled for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. If you notice any problems or concerns with this schedule please let me know, I look forward to and appreciate any feedback!!

Trying out gimkit today and it is working out great!!! Thanks for joining in all those who signed up. Info in the google classrooms.

Le mardi 29 avril

Good day everyone. A few items for today and yesterday’s lessons.

New weekly schedule – The Grade 7 Immersion team is trying a new schedule this week for our lessons. Monday will be Math, Science and ELA, Tuesday will be Math, SS, and ELA and Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will be Math, FLA and ELA. Due to this rescheduling, I have added a bit extra to the Science and SS lessons. This is really a test to see how successful it can be compared to alternating lessons of Science and SS daily.

Video Lessons – The videos have been working for the most part but some students have been running into problems with access. If you encounter any problems please message me. I can find some options to get them to you. Also, I encourage viewing the instructional videos twice or even three times to ensure comprehension and to practice your French.

Le jeudi 23 avril

Bonjour tout le monde ! Some patience may be required with my posts this morning. I seem to be running into some tech issues as things are not uploading as quickly as I am accustomed to. A few notes for today.

Les maths 7C & 7D – There is a video with some guided instruction for yesterday’s work. I applied a suggestion given to me through the evaluations (Merci). There is also a google form with a formative assessment for the work these past few weeks. The link should be found in your email inbox.

Les sciences 7D – I slowed things down today for science. I’ve uploaded a video discussing the answers and info from Tuesday. No major issues with the answers but the concepts are big and I want to get it right. The instruction is to listen to the video a minimum of three times to practice the French – very important!!!

Le mardi 21 avril

Bonjour ! A few notes for today’s lessons.

Les maths 7C & 7D – I’ve uploaded my answers for yesterday’s work and a shorter review presentation for calculating area of triangles. I’ve uploaded some more questions to assess student understanding of area of triangles. There is one scenario question that will require some problem solving, therefore some extra time will be needed. Students will need to complete the work on loose leaf.

Les sciences 7D – A new mini lesson have been uploaded on Evolution. There’s a bit of new information but there are some good examples there in hopes of helping comprehension. I included a video, along with some instructions as the video is quite quick but it’s a great resource. Along with the presentation, there is a question sheet with 3 questions to be answered. Students can answer directly in the document.

A student evaluation of M. Beaton has been uploaded for my 7C crew to complete. I made an error earlier this morning when I uploaded the google doc but I have since repaired that. Merci Eleena et Dru pour le message !

Le lundi 20 avril

Good morning tout le monde. A few items to share today.

Évaluation de M. Beaton – I’ve shared an evaluation for my lessons and the work load the past few weeks to the students in 7D on Friday and 7A today. I’m collecting the results to see if there is anything I should stop, start or continue doing. There were some really good ideas and information shared by my 7D crew, thank you! 7C, I will share the evaluation form and explication with you tomorrow.

Les maths 7C & 7D – The formative assessment that was completed on Friday went really well. The results were strong and I will be completing another this week. We will start area of triangles today and continue to work on that throughout the week.

Les sciences humaines 7A & 7D – I’ve uploaded two videos today. One discussing the questions from the previous lesson on Thursday, April 16 and a new one addressing democracy in Canada. Only one question to answer for today’s work but it requires come research, so a wee bit of time is required.