Jeudi le 20 septembre

Bonjour, bonjour, bonjour. I had a nice laugh today when some of the students spoke up and said their parents were telling them they had homework but so certain they did not. It’s exciting to hear this. I’ll have to be a little more clear about the message with them on my part. If they don’t believe you, just show them this. Thanks again!

Les sciences humaines 7C & 7A – We reviewed our geography notes and focused on some notes on the significance of the Nile. They have review questions in their chapter booklet they should review. If they do not, they can access it here on the website.

FLA 7C – We continued our work on the new question expressing our preference for particular sports and activities. They should review this and the previous questions practiced in class. Both powerpoints are available for their reference.

Les mathématiques 7C – QUIZ TOMORROW! We’ll have a small quiz on drawing points on the Cartesian plain. We worked on practice questions today that mirror the questions that will be on the quiz. There are practice questions in two powerpoints available under the math section they can use to study and practice – ‘Tracer les points’ and ‘Un peu de révision’.

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