Vendredi le 21 septembre

Salut! It’s been a great week and I think it’s safe to say a nice routine has been established. The magazine campaign wrapped up today and my 7Cs have been one of if not the most successful class for fundraising in the school. We have the tiger to prove it. A special note for 7C, in regards to next week, is our annual Terry Fox run. The run is scheduled for Thursday, September 27. We are asking, if there’s one available, for the students to bring in a dollar for Terry. Each dollar earns a ballot for a chance to win a Terry Fox tshirt and I promised the students I would match every dollar they donate to give them double the ballots.

Les mathématiques 7C – We had a quick quiz and things are looking good from what I’ve seen so far. The quizzes will be handed back on Monday and marks should be in SAS by the end of the weekend. We continued our study of translations and some students still need some more time to complete the classwork. Students are to complete…

  • Page 322 et 323
    • Question 1b
      • Copie les deux motifs dans un plan Cartésien.
      • Copie les coordonnées dans une table.
      • Identifie la translation.

FLA 7C – We added quite a bit of new vocabulary today for sharing information for our preferred sports. I have attached the document used in class and students should review and practice the phrasing.

Les sciences humaines 7A & 7C – We reviewed Egyptian geography and the significance of the Nile River. We had some fun today working with Egyptian Hieroglyphs treating to decode some vocabulary and phrasing. The students are certainly getting comfortable with the information but a little extra review will not hurt.

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