Lundi le 24 septembre

Lundi va bien ici, Monday is going well here. 7C was very successful during the magazine campaign and we are now home is a beautiful stuffed tiger. She’s suits us. Once I figure out how to get a photo of her up here I will.

Our efforts to collect funds for the Terry Fox Foundation continue. If every student could bring in at least one dollar we can reach our school goal of 1 000$. Thank you to the families who have already contributed. Here’s how the day went!

Les sciences humaines 7B & 7A – We had some more fun with Egyptian hieroglyphics. 7B will find out who best translated the words and phrases tomorrow when we have a chance to correct our work. 7A was introduced briefly to the Egyptian hierarchy and will soon begin a deeper study into some specific roles within the hierarchy.

FLA 7C – We continued our discussion of our favourite sports with some new vocabulary being introduced. The students will spend the week preparing an oral presentation along with a visual for their chosen sport. Most of the grunt work will be done in class but, as always, students should review phrasing and pronunciation at home. Copies of the necessary material are in the Français folder.

Les mathématiques 7C – Quizzes and design assignments were handed back. I didn’t spend any time going over the quiz as the students were very successful. I did discuss the rubric used for their design assignment and the break down for their grade. We completed our work on translations. Some students did not complete all the classwork and have a little bit to do at home. Here’s the homework:

    • Question 4a (Page 323)
      • Copie le motif sur un plan Cartésien.
      • Fais une translation de 3 à la gauche et 2 en haut.
      • Copie les coordonnées pour l’original et la translation dans une table.

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