Lundi le premier octobre

Good day and welcome to October. A couple of general announcements. First, school photo order forms are due tomorrow. I apologize as I did not make this announcement last week in the blog. I got a few orders in today and there is an opportunity for retakes once date is announced. Second, the grade 9 students are doing a fundraiser tomorrow selling Cavendish fries for 3 dollars during lunch. The funds are for their trip to Ottawa and Montreal in the winter. Here’s what we got up to today in class.

Les sciences humaines 7A & 7C – We continued our review of Egyptian geography in preparation for our quiz on Friday. We further explored the hierarchy of ancient Egypt and began comparing it to Canada’s governing structure.

FLA 7C – We added another question and further vocabulary for expressing personal preference for daily activities and sports. The students will be completing a conversation project in the coming days and so should review the new vocabulary. I have added powerpoint in the français folder for students to practice at home.

Les mathématiques 7C – We had a quiz today on translations/transformations and things look good so far. I should have those back to the students by Wednesday as a few students still need to complete the quiz. To practice using the Cartesian Plain, the students have been participating in a Battleship tournament. I have 5 students in the third round and I’m hoping to complete the semi-finals and final by the end of the week.

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