Mercredi le 10 octobre

Here’s what we got up to today.

Les sciences humaines 7c & 7A – We started a rough draft for a mini-project comparing Ancient Egypt and Canada. We will be starting a good copy tomorrow. Quizzes will hopefully be returned tomorrow as I still have one student to write the quiz.

FLA 7C – We added some more vocabulary today to explain preferred activities under particular conditions – weather, energy level, social situations. The students are working on a survey and use it to facilitate conversation with a partner.

Les mathématiques 7C – We have completed reflections on the Cartesian Plain. The students handed in a class assignment for reflections and the results are strong. The grades will be put in tomorrow. We started rotations yesterday but really got into them today. There were a few issues here and there but things are getting ironed out and confidence is building. I have attached the assignment in the math folder and students can practice that at home for some extra help. Nothing wrong with doing something a second time.

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