Lundi le 15 octobre

Here’s what we got up to today!

Les mathématiques – We are nearing the end of the first chapter on the Cartesian Plain. We spent today working on textbook questions and will finish them tomorrow. We assigned a test for Monday, October 22. We will spend the rest of the week reviewing translations, reflections and rotations. No official homework tonight but there are review materials in my math folder the students can use to study.

FLA 7C – There was a snag today in the class work. Some students did not complete the homework from the weekend and gave themselves more homework tonight. Students need to complete an interview of 10 questions with a family member or friend outside of class. They have a copy of the questions in their notes. In case they do not have a copy, there’s a copy in my Français folder.

Les sciences humaines 7B – Quizzes were finally handed back today and we completed our comparison assignment. Students need to review the Egyptian hierarchy presentation. Many students are struggling with the review questions practiced each class and should put more time in reviewing the information and vocabulary.

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