Mercredi le 17 octobre

No general announcements today. Here’s what we got up today!

Les sciences humaines 7C – I returned the comparison assignment. Some students knew it was not their best work, so we took an opportunity to review the necessary material and then took another shot at the assignment. There should be a grade in SAS within the coming days.

FLA 7C – I had to put a pause on our favourite athlete assignment to accommodate the chromebook schedule. Today we worked on giving opinion and comparisons. The students prepared an argument in favour of their preferred sport in conversation with a class mate. There is an example in the Français folder for reference and practice at home for all students and those absent today.

Les mathématiques 7C – We reviewed translations, reflections and rotations today in preparation for Monday’s test. I assigned 30 minutes of math work tonight using the review sheet posted yesterday in the mathématiques folder.

Les sciences humaines 7B – Our class was cut short a bit due to a visitation from Mrs. Burry to discuss a few items with the class. We had time to review the Egyptian hierarchy and complete review questions.

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