Mercredi le 14 novembre

L’hiver est bien arrivé. Here’s what we got up to today.

Les mathématiques 7C – We wrote our unit test for adding and subtracting positive and negative integers. The work looks great so far and I should have the tests to everyone by the end of the week.

FLA 7C – The students completed an oral presentation of their families. They shared a little tidbit of their mama, papa, bro and sis. Lots of tall, strong fathers and nice, funny moms out there. The students also completed a verification d’écoute, a listening assignment based on each classmate’s presentation. Not everyone got to present today so we will continue tomorrow.

Les sciences humaines 7B – To prepare for tomorrow’s quiz, the students worked on a review page with 12 questions based on the Ancient Egyptian hierarchy. The students shared their answers or asked for assistance from a classmate. It’s a great tool for the students to use for studying and I’ve attached it in the sciences humaines folder. We went back to page 13 and worked on Mesopotamia’s geography.

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