Mardi le 20 novembre

A friendly reminder that we have Parent-Teacher interviews coming up Thursday and Friday. Thursday’s session runs from 5pm to 8pm and Friday’s runs from 8h30 to noon. It has been asked before if students are welcome to come along and join the interviews and I always say yes, I always enjoy having the students sit in on the conversation. A second item to announce is the first school social. The Student Leadership team has scheduled a social for next Thursday, November 29 from 7pm to 9pm. It’s always a great time with music, games, snacks, etc. I’m encouraging everyone in my class to attend. Here’s what we got up to today.

Les sciences humaines 7A – We reviewed our Mesopotamia notes. I have uploaded a powerpoint presentation that was used for our notes on page 14. We then went back through the laws of the Hammourabi Code. We started developing our own code for the class and we will share our ideas tomorrow.

FLA 7C – We watched some more video-clips measuring our comprehension and we did quite well with some ‘Who am I’ games in French. We then practiced speaking some French using a mini-paragraph that will serve as an example for a future assignment. The students have a bit of homework where they are identifying two activities to use for each member of the family in the assignment. We did an example together that goes as such:

Mon père: regarder le hockey à la patinoire/cuisiner à la maison. 

Les mathématiques 7C – We dug deep into converting decimal numbers to percentages today. We worked together on many questions together and there is a little bit of homework for tonight. I have uploaded the homework sheet for the students to complete.

Les sciences humaines 7C – We had our quiz today on the hierarchy. A few students struggled with the quiz but we will take a quick look at the quiz during the next class to find strategies to help us with multiple choice questions.


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