Mardi le 27 novembre

Hard to believe but November is ending fast. I was having some problems with my SAS over the weekend but I got the necessary assistance yesterday. It should as up to date as possible. Here’s what we got up to today.

Les sciences humaines 7A – We did some review and we discussed the students’ ideas for our Class Code based off of Hammourabi’s Code for his Babylonian kingdom. They were quite creative and in come cases extreme. We began working on an essay as a final assessment for the unit. It will be quite guided as I am hoping that we will complete another two before the end of the year. We wrote an introduction today and I will assess them and provide suggestions for improvement for next class. We should be completing a good copy in class at the beginning of next week.

Les sciences humaines 7B & 7C – The students received their quizzes and projects back today. There’s a bad habit of students not putting their name on their assignment so we had get a few sorted out. We began adding more details to page 14 in our notes comparing Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt.

Les mathématiques 7C – We reviewed ordering values (fractions, decimals and percents) some more today. We’re doing pretty good and feeling confident. I up’ed the ante with our fractions and percents with values above 1. I’ve uploaded the review questions used in class for the students to practice at home in the math folder.

FLA 7C – We reviewed our questions and answers. Then, with a partner, the students shared their ‘Ma famille’ paragraph and I verified their understanding by questioning them on their partner’s writing. We then participated in a Who Am I game with names prepared by some volunteers. The students used the questions from class and competed to guess who the volunteer was as quickly as possible. The students should review their description questions and answers using the handout available in the Français folder.

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