Lundi le 3 décembre

Here’s what we got up today!

Les sciences humaines 7C – We spent a little extra time on review considering the unexpected long weekend we just had. We then went into a legal code from a city-state in Mesopotamia. We went through the laws and tried to determine whether it was an actual law from ancient Babylon. I introduced a little class assignment where we create our own legal code for the class. We ran out of time so we will get right into it next class. We will be having a test next week and a date will be determined tomorrow.

Les sciences humaines 7A – I handed back the first drafts of everyone’s introduction for the essay. There were some common problems that I addressed and they had a another opportunity to rewrite their intros. Some students were able to begin their body paragraphs. A final date for this assignment will be determined during tomorrow’s class.

FLA 7C – We spent some time reviewing and practicing our French at the start of class. The students are working on a little presentation with a partner where one student plays a police officer and the other student is the victim of a crime. The officer seeks out a description of the assailant in order for the students to practice the description phrasing and questions we’ve been studying. The presentations will be completed and shared tomorrow. I’ve uploaded the example for students to review tonight and practice.

Les mathématiques 7C – I assigned a test for the unit for the end of the week on fractions, decimals and percents. We spent some extra time working on the rules for conversion as a refresher and then completed ordering the values on a number line. We then started the final portion of the unit where we work with percents. So, we went shopping for some deals. The students did some shopping at Sobeys, Best Buy, Cdn Tire, Toys R Us and Shoppers. Each item they purchased was on sale for a particular percent and their job was to calculate the final price. Some students did not have the chance to complete their work and this is their homework for tonight. I have attached the necessary powerpoint but the students should have all the information they need in their notes.

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