le mardi 8 janvier

Here’s today’s info.

Our revised daily physical activity program is showing some great success. I’ve been quite proud of the 7C crew as they are taking this opportunity seriously and using the time wisely. Here’s what we got up to today.

Les sciences humaines 7A, 7B & 7C – We had the opportunity to review Greek geography and spend the majority of class on Greek mythology. I’ve introduced two video-clips that, between the two, explain the history and roles of particular Greek gods. We will spend a few more classes tackling some aspects of Greek mythology.

Les mathématiques 7C – We started our fifth unit on divisibility rules. We only began with 2, 5, 10, 3 and 6. Some students had some previous knowledge on the rules and regularities but the review was helpful.

FLA 7C – We reviewed our questions and understanding of the food vocabulary and phrasing studied in class. We practiced the sample dialogue three times over to ensure good pronunciation. The students need to practice reading this aloud tonight for homework. They had some more time to work with their partners for their particular dialogue applying phrasing for food preference and restrictions.

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