Le lundi 4 février

There is some general information for the upcoming weeks. We will be celebrating National Sweater Day Thursday, February 7. Our Green Team is asking everyone to wear a warm sweater as we will be turning down the temperature in the entire school. On Wednesday, February 27 we will be having our annual pink shirt day. I’m early with this announcement but I thought I would pass the date along in case anyone needed some time to find a pink shirt. Rumour has it there is a good good deal on pink tshirts at Michaels. Here’s what we got up to today.

Les mathématiques 7C – We started applying the same strategies for adding fractions to subtracting fractions. I’m anticipating we will be getting through this work quite quickly based on today’s class work. I will be looking at a test at the end of the week. The homework has been added to the google classroom.

FLA 7C – I’ve introduced a final project for the food unit. The students are creating a conversation based on a selected scenario. The students will be using phrasing and vocabulary practiced in class and resources used in class to guide their project. We will be spending a few classes this week on the assignment.

Les sciences humaines 7B – We reviewed the infrastructure of ancient Greek city-states. We then discussed the unit project. I’ve updated an outline and rubric to be used for the assignment in the sciences humaines folder. No deadline has been determined for 7B as we have just started organising our first draft.

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