Le mercredi 6 février

Remember National Sweater Day is tomorrow, dress warm!! Here’s what went on today.

Les sciences humaines 7C & 7B – We reviewed pages 8 and 9 in our notes – something the students should be working on at home. The students also received a rubric and an outline for their visual project today. We analysed the rubric and determined the due date – Wednesday, February 13. We spent the majority of the class finishing our rough drafts.

FLA 7C – We completed some reading production and some notes with our new question and unit. We will spend a majority of the class working on our major unit project for the Foods unt.

Les mathématiques 7C – We worked together on some adding and subtraction using similar fractions and mixed numbers. We worked through the required steps using the guide posted in the classroom. We then completed some textbook work to practice the steps. We have an in-class assignment tomorrow to test our subtracting skills. Our test is still scheduled for Friday on both adding and subtracting fractions. Homework has been added to the google site and there was a little classwork to complete in class.

Page 207 – 4 and 6.

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