Le jeudi 14 février

Joyeux Saint-Valentin ! Here’s the rundown from today.

Les mathématiques 7C – We completed our sessions with Mr. McCourt for problem solving. The students organised a checklist for themselves that will be used for future assessments, both summative and formative.

FLA 7C – We used today’s two classes for a lot of dialogue. We used our results from the survey to share our daily healthy habits or places where we are lacking with a partner. We are now identifying areas of strength and weakness to facilitate further discussion where we will practice providing suggestions and defending those suggestions. I’ve uploaded the survey in the French folder.

Les sciences humaines 7B – I took in the visual project for the city-state. They are looking great! We completed the economic activities and started into Athenian government. Our daily review sessions are showing some weakness from many students. It is becoming clear that students are not reviewing their work at home as answering to some common questions are not coming as quickly as they should. I addressed this with the class in the hope that students will remember to take the 20 minutes each evening to review their material.

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