Le mercredi 27 février

We had some great participation for our Pink Shirt Day, unfortunately 7C was short a percentage or two from receiving the prize for House 7. Next time, for sure, we will win. Here’s what we got up to today.

Les sciences humaines 7B & 7C – I checked the homework – a potential law for Ancient Athens. There is a homework check is in SAS for this assignment. We started into our model assemblies to discuss and debate the laws with a group of our classmates. We will continue tomorrow.

Les mathématiques 7C – We completed some textbook work on isolating the variable in algebraic equations. We used our one or two step format to guide our work. For those who were absent the homework to be completed is the following:

Page 243 – Question 1a, b, c, d and Question 2 a, b, c, e, d, g, h

FLA 7C – We had an unintended extension on our daily question and answer session. The students got the chance to show off their language skills for Mr. Beck during class. We then returned to the text for some more reading comprehension activities and ended the day with a student presentation for the food unit. The students need to have their two paragraphs and their bescherelle for tomorrow’s class.

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