Le jeudi 7 mars

Bonjour! Next week we will attending a concert put on by Vishten, a francophone band from PEI. The concert is scheduled for Thursday, March 14th and we are asking the students to bring in 2 dollars to help cover the costs of the bus. Parent Teacher interviews are tonight (5pm to 8pm) and tomorrow (8h30 to 12pm). Come on out, and bring your son or daughter along as well! Here is today’s happenings.

Les mathématiques 7C – We worked on some textbook questions similar to those we’ve worked on in our stations activity. Some students did not complete the work and it was assigned for homework – Page 248, questions 2 and 3.

FLA 7C – We used today to edit and correct our paragraphs. The online resources were a bit trying and required some extra patience on our behalf. I will take a look at the work thus far and develop a plan for Tuesday. The students need to make sure all three mini-paragraphs are typed in their presentation.

Les sciences humaines 7B – We continued our review questions (found in the sciences humaines folder) and some more voting. We discussed some of differences and similarities between Canada and Ancient Athens and watched a video for further ideas. Students should work on their review questions over the weekend as we will be having a quiz Friday, March 15th.

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