Le mardi 12 mars

Bonjour! Thank you to those who sent your two dollars in for the Vishtèn concert on Thursday. We had another presentation today. Today’s was provided by some UPEI Nursing students on the effects of smoking and vaping. It was really well done and the students were quite surprised to see the impact of cigarettes and vaping. So, I’m certain they are well discouraged from cigarettes. Here’s what else we got up to today.

FLA 7C – We started into a reading comprehension activity. We read through a comic and started responding to some questions based on the information shared in that particular comic.

Les mathématiques 7C – I took in the homework today. The hockey academy crew has that particular homework tonight as they left yesterday before the assignment was handed back. We completed some textbook work with word problems and some review work for Friday’s test. The google classroom (kus8b7) work has been uploaded and the students have review material to work on.

Les sciences humaines 7B – I checked the homework completion of the review questions and we completed page 14 of the student notes where we are to compare the Canadian governing structure to that of Ancient Athens. We had some time for partner work and we went over the review questions for Friday’s quiz.

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