Le mercredi 13 mars

We have our concert tomorrow, 2 dollars are needed to cover admission and travel. Some students were asking about bringing snacks along with them but I was unable to find an answer. It won’t hurt to take something in case; I should have an answer tomorrow morning. Here’s what we got up to today.

Les sciences humaines 7A & 7C – We took some time to go over the review questions in preparation for our quiz – 7C writes their quiz tomorrow, 7B and 7A writes their quiz Friday. We worked with a partner on the comparison assignment (page 14) and we should have it done in class by the end of the week.

FLA 7C – We continued our reading comprehension activities. I have everyone’s exercise plan for François and we will have time for some final editing on Friday.

Les mathématiques 7C – We completed some final review work for word problems requiring expressions and equations. We spent a majority of the class working on problem solving using the resources developed with Mr. McCourt from the board office. We were fortunate to have Mr. McCourt and Mrs. McCourt available in class to provide some extra support. The google classroom homework has been uploaded for today and tomorrow. We have our test on Friday!

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