Le mardi 26 mars

Here’s the story from today.

Les sciences humaines 7A, 7B & 7C – We started into or continued our comparison of Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt. We are coming upon the end of the unit and we will be looking into some final assessments next week. Some students from the 7C class need to complete their comparison assignment for Canada and Ancient Greece for tomorrow.

Les mathématiques 7C – We continued into our work on radius and diameter. The students are feeling quite confident with the formulas and recognize when and how to apply them. We will have a little quiz with the radius and diameter formulas on Thursday. There some homework from the textbook to be completed for tomorrow – Page 131-132, questions 1, 2, 3. I have also uploaded the weekly math homework on the google site.

FLA 7C – We are doing reading comprehension from the text around a community centre’s activity program. The students are taking on the role of a parent and planning out the week for their children – Marie, Patrick and Wendy – using the program.

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