Le mardi 9 avril

A few items for the general audience. The student leadership team is organising a social Thursday, April 11, 7pm to 9pm. It has an 80’s neon theme with multiple activities arranged for the students. The Green Team is collecting old cell phones and plastic bags for recycling. So if you have any phones lying around, damaged or in good condition, please send them in and the Green Team will handle its recycling. Here’s the scoop from today.

Les sciences humaines 7B & 7A – We were typing today and assigned the due date for this Friday, April 12. There is no school that day, but it gives students time to work at home to complete the essay.

FLA 7C – We recorded some voicemails to be evaluated. Some students are not too happy with their recording; being in earshot of classmates brought out some shyness. They have the opportunity to redo the recording at home if they wish to. They were assigned some homework applying the basic rule of negation for the present tense. They received a sheet with 10 simple questions seeking a response in the negative. I have uploaded the sheet in case it was forgotten at school.

Les maths 7C – We reviewed the strategies for finding area or circumference. It was a means of reminding ourselves to read the questions/information and to identify the question to answer. Some students have a bad habit of skipping the information and the true question being asked of them and guessing on what they are to do. We applied these reviewed strategies to some scenario problems that we will continue tomorrow.

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