Le mercredi 10 avril

Good day et bonjour!

Les maths 7C – We worked on some problem solving scenarios today to apply our strategies for finding circumference and area. Some of the students are struggling with problem solving and not making good use of our problem solving strategies. We will continue to work on this in anticipation of a test next week. I’m taking in the homework duotangs tomorrow!

FLA 7C – We worked with our Bescherelle for present tense verb conjugation along with applying negation. We then worked on two surveys as a means of initiating conversation with our classmates and using the negation that was practiced at the beginning of class.

Les sciences humaines – Today was our last class day to work on the essay. The due date is Friday. Though we do not have class that day, I instructed the class that I will be printing their copies from the google classroom that afternoon to begin my assessment.

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