Le mardi 23 avril

One general reminder for everyone. Tomorrow is the deadline for the permission forms for the Canadian Space Agency presentation and chat with the ISS. The presentation is taking place Friday. Due to some more presentations and some PD this week, I have decided to cancel the SS test for 7B and 7C. The schedule will not give the class a chance to fit it in anytime soon and we are too far into Ancient Rome to go back.

Les maths – We worked on a practice test for the circles and area unit today. There was some tough questions and some students needed some reminders for the strategies to be used. I have uploaded the test for students to practice at home. We scheduled our unit test for this Friday, April 26. I have also updated the homework onto the google classroom website.

FLA 7C – We went through two listening activities and the students were really comfortable with the French and were very successful with the adjoining activities. We are now working on writing an email providing suggestions to resolve sources of stress. We started our rough draft today and will continue tomorrow.

Les sciences humaines 7B – I handed back the essays from the Ancient Greece unit. Some students did not receive their assessed copy as some extra time was needed to repair the essay. We worked on economic activities of Ancient Rome applying its geographic features. The last part of the class was an opportunity to do some student assessment of an essay to help the students understand how the rubric worked for their own essay.

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