Le mardi 30 avril

Salut et bonjour. Here is today’s story.

Les sciences humaines 7B – We had an opportunity to work with some sample student writing and the rubric. The students shared the strengths and weaknesses of the writing and supported their assessment. All the students should have their essay back to them now and some students have already taken advantage of correcting the essay to have it remarked. I’m happy to do it. We then started into the social structure of Ancient Rome using the textbook as a resource.

Les sciences humaines 7A – We corrected our answers for the social structure and began into the hierarchy of ancient Rome.

FLA 7C – I discussed the audio recording assignment of the voice mail. There were a few issues with the recording but I am hoping to have sorted out in order to add the assignment to SAS. We then took some time on the chromebooks to type up our good copies of the email assignment. The last I checked, most of the students completed their good copy, the few will need to have it done for tomorrow.

Les maths – Today was a surprise foundational quiz provided by the Department of Education. The results are looking strong and there are a few common errors but I am confident the students will quickly understand them. I should have the results in SAS tomorrow once all the students write the quiz. The google classroom homework has been uploaded.

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