Le mercredi 29 mai

Bonjour tout le monde. Voilà notre journée !

Les sciences humaines 7B – We worked with our emperor notes today and then began a good copy of our comparison assignment for Canada and the Roman Empire. A majority of the students did not complete their good copy and are to finish it for homework tonight.

Les mathématiques 7C – We are concluding our mini geometry unit on perpendicular bisectors, parallel lines and bisectors. There will be a few review questions tomorrow to affirm our understanding.

FLA 7C – We are into some prep work for grade 8 FLA. To complete the final few outcomes for the course, we are writing a story. The students simply started with creating a main character for the story today. Tomorrow, we will move onto the details of the story. We are also working a verb activity using the Bescherelle for the present tense.


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