Le jeudi 30 mai

Here’s the scoop.

Les sciences humaines 7A – We used today as our last research day for Roman mythology. We will go over our information next class. We had a good five minutes to work on some source analysis in relation to our research of the Roman gods and goddesses.

Les sciences humaines 7B & 7C – We began with a review of the emperors we studied in class. We then spent the majority of the class researching Roman mythology and completing a table of information in our notes.

Les maths 7C – We completed a mock geometry assignment to test our understanding of parallel lines and perpendicular bisectors. We will complete a similar one tomorrow.

FLA 7C – We started with some class evaluation of the phrasings we’ve been working on. We then added some more details for our story using the futur proche tense. We ended the day with our Bescherelle and the students are doing extremely well with it.

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