Le lundi 3 juin

Here’s the story ! Voilà l’histoire d’aujourd’hui !

Les sciences humaines 7C & 7A – We focused mainly on Roman mythology and some source analysis using our research. I collected 7C’s comparison assignment today and I will hopefully have them marked within the next few days. 7As assignment is marked and should be put in SAS today or early tomorrow.

FLA 7C – We practiced some past tense and used a sample message to guide our understanding. We worked on our story assignment. The students have homework with this assignment tonight. They are to go over their answers for each scenario and add more details to their answers. The presentation with the scenario and a sample answer has been uploaded in the FLA folder to help them with their homework.

Les maths 7C – We started into our Linear Relations Unit today and started building table of values using scenarios presented in the textbook. The students have 2 handouts to complete for homework tonight. The handouts require students to determine the proceeding values based on the pattern or the rule given within the scenario. They can be found the math folder. I am taking a break from the google classroom homework this week but it will return. 

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