Le lundi 17 juin

Bonjour, bonjour. A few reminders for the week. Students who have yet to hand in their permission forms for Sandspit, need to get them in tomorrow. We need to organise numbers for busses. Yearbooks are still available if you looking to purchase one.

Les sciences humaines 7A, 7B & 7C – 7Bs are writing their test tomorrow on comparing the three societies. 7A and 7C are Wednesday. We went over our conclusions (page 20) and reviewed the necessary material. All students have the study guide we made together and were instructed on how to use it for studying.

Les maths 7C – We have our last foundational quiz tomorrow. This is the big one that counts as a summative grade. Students need to study and can use the multiple sample questions in the google classroom.

FLA 7C – We completed our passé composé phrases and worked on our review workbook. We still have the goal to complete this prior to the end of the year for the students to use over the summer. They will need it to prepare for grade 8! I’m keeping the workbooks in my room for now but they will be travelling home with the students soon.

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