Le jeudi 20 juin

I apologise for not updating things yesterday, busy times hear and I simply forgot. One little announcement for the 7C crew. The students from the art class were reminded to hand in their 2 dollars for their sketchbook. Here’s the scoop.

Les sciences humaines 7A & 7C – I handed back the tests from yesterday and we had the chance to good back through the test with the answer key. I was happy to see some students asking questions and seeking clarification. Some students felt really silly with some their answers but I was happy to hear the students be able to explain the correct the answers to each other.

Les maths 7C – We put together our data analysis information according to our collected data. The students completed surveys together yesterday and then organised some of the questions. They calculated mean, medians and modes and developed some conclusions according to the information.

FLA 7C – We had a guest instructor today, Mr. Cameron Sanderson. He guided the student evaluations, gave some time for workbooks and organised a passé composé activity for the class. It was a good day. The workbooks were sent home for the students to work on and we will continue with them tomorrow.

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