Le mardi 10 septembre

Good day and bonjour. We had our pictures taken today and I’m confident we all had big smiles on our faces. Here’s what we got up to today.

Les maths 7C & 7D – We reviewed the Cartesian Plane, its vocabulary and how to plot points. 7C’s took some time with 5 collections of coordinates to plot out designs on the Cartesian Plane. The goal is to get enough practice in before completing our own design to be evaluated and shared. 7D’s got into the textbook today completing question 6 on page 318. No homework assigned today but there will be some tomorrow.

Les sciences humaines 7A & 7D – We reviewed our map of Canada and identifying the provinces and territories. We then moved into the advantages and disadvantages of different elements of geography. We will be taking the same approach when we start into our ancient civilisations.

Le français 7E – Our class was cut short due to school photos but we did have enough time to go through the outcomes and expectations for the course. We then had some time to discuss one key aspect of the course’s evaluation and practice some basic phrasings.

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