Le vendredi 13 septembre

Here’s the scoop from today.

Les maths 7C & 7D – We continued with some more review for the Cartesian Plane – vocabulary and identifying the coordinates. We then used the class to work on our first assignment. The students designed something on the Cartesian Plane and identified its coordinates. A majority of the students did not finish their good copy and have this weekend to complete it. The due date is Tuesday, September 17. I have uploaded the document in case it is needed at home. The homework duotangs were taken in and corrected. There were a few that had questions and we will use Monday’s class to clear up any confusion.

Le français 7E – We completed the final six questions of our mini lesson on presenting ourselves. The students are able to answer my questions and share information about a classmate. We are going to apply this information the next class.

Les sciences humaines 7A – We completed our analysis of Canadian geographic elements and started into some social norms for the country – education, family roles and religion. The hope is to use these notes when we begin comparing Canada to the ancient societies we will be studying in future units.

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