Le mardi 24 septembre

Good day and bonjour! The sales are going well for the Recipes in a Jar fundraiser. We’re doing so well, that 7D is leading the way in House 7. This coming Thursday will be the annual Terry Fox Run. To help support the Terry Fox Foundation, we are asking students to bring in a loonie or two. School photos arrived today and I will be handing them out tomorrow. Here’s today’s work.

La science 7D – We completed the questions on changes of states for matter (pages 11 to 14) We will try a small quiz on Monday, September 30 on the initial subject matter. I handed out a review page today for students to use for studying and I am expecting this sheet to be handed in on Monday to be assessed for completion. I have uploaded it to the science folder in case it is lost.

Le français 7E – We reviewed our basic conversation questions and the students becoming more comfortable with the initial questions we’ve studied. I should have an initial grade in for class evaluations by the end of the week. We started into two questions for discussing preferred snacks and the students have all but fully mastered the first.

Les maths 7D & 7C – We are nearing the end of drawing reflections on the Cartesian Plane. We worked on some more complicated designs on the Cartesian Plane and using the strategies we developed in class for identifying the drawing the reflection. We will be having a quiz on reflections on Tuesday, October 1.

Les sciences humaines 7D – We finished our little game on Canadian symbols and we started into the structure of the Canadian government.


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