Le vendredi 27 septembre

Good day and bonjour. I did not add a blog entry for Thursday due to there being no classes. We had a great spirit day largely led by student leaders from Grade 9. Our afternoon consisted of a prep rally and our Terry Fox walk. The grade 7s demonstrated an awesome school spirit. I did want to send out a few reminders for Monday.

Recipes in a Jar Fundraiser – Monday is the last day to submit orders. As of Thursday, our school total was over 1400 jars. It is important to note that that number is matched and donated to the local food bank. My 7Ds have reached 155 jars submitted as of Thursday and I know there are plenty more to come. We are currently second in the school but I know we will rocket to the top tomorrow.

La science 7D – We have our first quiz tomorrow on states of matter and changes of states. The students have a review sheet they need to complete and hand in tomorrow for assessment. If by chance they do not have the sheet, it can be found in the science folder.

Les maths 7C & 7D – We have our reflections quiz on Tuesday, October 1. There are resources available in the maths folder for students to use for studying. Also, most students have submitted their homework duotangs on Thursday. Those who did not will need to hand them in tomorrow.

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