Le lundi 30 septembre

Good day and bonjour. The school photos have all been distributed and I am accepting order forms for 7D. There is a deadline of Wednesday, October 2 for order forms – not much time – from Lifetouch. Also, we have reached the final day of recipe in a jar orders. If I counted correctly, my 7Ds have collected 368 jars as a class, far exceeding our goal of 250. Awesome work from everyone!! Here’s today’s classes.

Les sciences humaines 7D – We reviewed our Canadian geography and government notes and then used our geography notes (the advantages and disadvantages) to identify the ideal locations to settle in Canada. We need to complete one outcome for the intro unit examining the transition of nomadic societies to permanent settlements.

La science 7D – We wrote our first quiz today. Some students forgot to study for the quiz and complete the review page for homework. I should have them all marked and returned by Wednesday.

Les maths 7C & 7D – We reviewed and practiced drawing reflections on the Cartesian Plane. We have our quiz tomorrow so students need to study. There are resources in the maths folder that can be used for practice. They are tasks we completed in class, but the repetition helps. We then started into rotations and identifying the patterns between coordinates of translated designs. The students really picked up on the pattern and were feeling somewhat confident about the task.

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