Le jeudi 3 octobre

Good day and bonjour. Don’t forget photo orders are due tomorrow! They can be handed into me or the front office. Also, you can order online if you’re computer savvy. Here’s today’s classes.

La science 7D – We went into the lab today for our first lab assignment measuring for mass. The students were organised and were able to make use of the scales quite well.

Le français 7E – We worked on our new questions in a partner activity. The students are getting quite comfortable with the vocabulary and the comprehension is getting quite strong. We moved onto identifying a preference and completed a few survey questions that modelled the next assignment.

Les maths 7D & 7C – We applied our rules for rotation we identified earlier in the week. We have a checklist available in the classroom and we worked through a sample question together. Things are looking good. I was unhappy with my schedule for the next few classes, so we moved our test for the chapter to Wednesday, October 9th. All the students have a review booklet to work on to study for the test (it can be found in the maths folder). Also, the google classroom has been updated and I will take in the homework tomorrow.

Les sciences humaines 7D – We reviewed geography and government. I handed out a geography assignment that needs to be labelled for tomorrow’s class. Unfortunately, I do not have a digital copy so I hope everyone has their copy. We worked on the remaining two questions on page 7 of our intro unit.

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