Le mercredi 9 octobre

Good day and bonjour. Here’s the day at Stonepark.

Les maths 7D – We had to postpone the math test due to bus evacuation drills this morning. We will write the test tomorrow. We worked on word problems and a wee bit on adding integers using a number line.

Les sciences humaines 7A – We had the chance to review the intro unit in preparation for a quiz tomorrow. We went through our photo analyses on Egyptian geography and applied our analyses to the map we completed on page 1 of our unit booklet. I have uploaded the booklet in our sciences humaines folder.

La science 7D – Class was cut a little short today by a brief presentation from the administration. We were able to complete the mass section of the workbook.

Les maths 7C – We wrote our Chapter 1 test on the Cartesian Plane.

Le français 7E – We started into explaining our preferences using adjectives and common phrases for describing snacks. We started organising an oral project that we will present to the class arguing in support of our favourite snack.

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