Le jeudi 10 octobre

Joyeuse Action de Grâce ! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Here’s how the day went.

La science 7D – We completed a review document for mass and started into volume.

Le français 7E – We practiced explaining our preferences and started putting together our resources needed for our presentation assignment. Most students have all their materials ready to go and can practice at home. We will use the next class to finish up our visual and start presenting.

Les maths 7C – We started into the second unit on adding and subtracting positive and negative integers. We also worked on our first problem solving assignment and applied some strategies in the hopes they will serve us in the future.

Les sciences humaines 7A – We wrote our Canadian map quiz and worked on the second page of the Egypt unit. I was fortunate enough to get the quizzes marked and back to the students before the end of class.

Les maths 7 – We wrote our test today for the Cartesian Plane. The were a few students who need a little more time, so we can use Tuesday’s class to finish the last few questions.

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