Le mercredi 23 octobre

Good day and bonjour! I was out for a few days, please excuse the absence of an update yesterday and Monday. Here’s what is on the go.

La science 7D – We completed a lab on Monday and some review activities for volume and mass yesterday and today. We finished up the workbook questions on page 27 (5 and 6) and corrected our practice quiz. I have uploaded the practice quiz and a copy of review questions. Students need to use the review question sheet at home to practice their science vocabulary and review the first half of the unit.

Le français 7E – We completed our presentations today for our preferred snacks. We practiced two new questions that were introduced on Monday, asking about our preferred beverages.

Les maths 7D & 7C – We completed some textbook work (page 69, questions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) applying the tiles strategy to subtracting integers. We wrote a quiz yesterday and those should be marked for tomorrow or Friday at the latest.

Les sciences humaines 7D – We reviewed our Egyptian geography notes and climate analyses. We used our conclusions for the climates of Charlottetown and Cairo to compare the two and identify differences and similarities. We moved onto possible economic activities to be practiced within the region (page 4 of the student worksheets)

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