Le 25 vendredi octobre

Good day and bonjour. We have photo retakes scheduled on Monday. So those who were absent in September or wish to have retakes done, get your hair done for Monday! Anyone wishing to have retakes done need to the originals on order to have retakes. Here’s our day.

Le français 7E – We worked through a message of the week activity. The message served as a sample paragraph that the students will complete next week. The assignment incorporates the phrases and vocabulary we have been practicing the previous two weeks. We started into a dialogue assignment but we will spend more time on it the next class.

Les maths 7D – We completed some comprehension verification tasks for subtracting integers, I’ll use this information to structure the next few classes to prepare for our final assessment on Thursday, October 31. I took in the homework duotangs and I will be handing them back on Monday.

Les maths 7C – We made good use of resource today for those who have questions on subtracting integers. Some students worked on some practice questions while others corrected their errors on yesterday’s work. We started into the final portion of the chapter – adding and subtracting integers in one large equation. We’ll use Monday to really get into the work. We have our test  Thursday, October 31! I took in the homework duotangs and I will be handing them back on Monday.

Les sciences humaines 7A & 7D – We reviewed our geography notes and used some review questions to guide our revision. The students have a copy and there is a copy in the sciences humaines section of my blog for practice at home. We spent some time playing with Egyptian hieroglyphs deciphering messages based on a resource of the Egyptian hieroglyphic ‘alphabet’. 7D received their quizzes they had written on Friday last week.

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