Le jeudi 7 novembre

Good day and bonjour. We had a wonderful Remembrance Day Ceremony today and my 7D crew seemed to really appreciate the assembly and showed the utmost respect. We scheduled our (7D) pizza party for Monday, November 18. Parent teacher is scheduled for this evening, 5pm to 8pm and tomorrow, 8h30am to noon. Here’s our day.

La science 7D – Due to the assembly, our class was shortened but we did manage to go over our answers for questions 1 and 2 on page 37 in our workbooks.

Les maths 7C & 7D – We really got into ordering values, both in increasing and decreasing order. I’ve uploaded the questions and some worksheets for students to work on at home, in case they believe they have no homework, they can practice some math at home.

Les sciences humaines 7A – We wrote our Egyptian geography quiz and worked on the Ancient Egyptian hierarchy. I’ve uploaded the presentation that was used for our notes.

Le français 7E – We completed the final dialogue presentations and practiced a previous question on preferred drinks. We started into a textbook activity using a menu from a smoothie restaurant to answer some questions.

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