Le mardi 12 novembre

Bonjour, voilà notre journée !

La science 7D – We worked on a new review question page for temperature, acidity and basicity. The students are to work on these questions at home to prepare for a quiz we’ve scheduled for Wednesday, November 20. The review question pages have been added to the science folder. The students have a week to work on the page as our next class is not until Tuesday, November 19. We worked on question 6 on page 38 of our workbooks and I demonstrated a lab we will be doing on Thursday, November 21.

Les maths 7C & 7D – We worked on converting decimals to percentages, and fractions, to decimals to percentages. The worksheet that was used can be found in the mathématiques folder. There was no google classroom homework assigned for this week due to the two day school week.

Le français 7E – We added another question to our repertoire of questions for ordering food off a menu. We completed a scavenger activity using a sample menu in the text.

Les sciences humaines 7D – We completed our work with the Egyptian mythology research. We shared our answers and completed common notes. We analysed the information to find similarities between the gods and goddesses we’ve researched. I was hoping to get into the hierarchy, but that will be tomorrow. Quizzes will be handed back tomorrow.


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