Le mardi 26 novembre

Good day and bonjour. Here’s our day!

Le français 7E – We completed our regular class evaluations and verified our listening of the given answers. We practiced a dialogue that was presented the previous class and then played a little game; a combination of matching and memory. The students ordered something off the menus we’ve been using and then picked a card, hoping the card’s phrasing applied to their order.

Les maths 7D – We worked some more with word problems using percentages. We completed some shopping and identified the sales price and the tax to find the final price of items. We will apply this skill to an in-class assignment that we will start tomorrow. Google classroom homework has been updated.

Les maths 7C – We worked on the project in class. We will continue the assignment into tomorrow’s class. Google classroom homework has been updated.

Les sciences humaines 7A – We wrote our second quiz of the unit on the hierarchy and mythology. We worked on some research on a particular pharaoh – Khufu – to further our understanding of the pharaoh’s role. Our visual project is due Friday!!

Les sciences humaines 7D – We worked on review questions for the mythology and hierarchy to prepare for our quiz on Monday, December 2. The students have to complete questions 1 to 7 done for tomorrow’s class. I introduced a visual project for the unit and displayed some sample projects. I’m hoping to have the students begin a rough draft tomorrow.

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