Le mercredi 18 décembre

Here’s our day.

Les maths 7C & 7D – We completed the last rules of divisibility for the unit, 4 and 8. We then applied our rules to some textbook work – Pages, 8 and 9, Qs 1 and 3 and Page 12, Qs 1 and 3.

Les sciences humaines 7A – We finished our analysis of some of the rules from Ancient Babylon. The students used the phrasing and vocabulary from the code to develop their own code for the class.

La science 7D – We completed the first portion of the second chapter on heterogeneous and homogeneous mixtures. We answered questions 5, 7, 1, and 3. We then started into the second portion of chapter two on solutions and highlighted key points, vocabulary and definitions to guide our understanding.

Le français 7E – We completed our regular class conversations and tried a second round of ‘Who Am I?’ the food version. The students had some more time to work on their texting assignment.

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