Le lundi 13 janvier

Bonjour tout le monde! Voici nos études aujourd’hui.

Les maths 7C – We wrote our divisibility test today. They should be marked and added to SAS tomorrow.

Les maths 7D – Do not forget your test has been rescheduled for tomorrow.

La science 7D – We worked on Parties A and C from the Chapter 2 review page. We then moved onto the final section of Chapter 2, pages 60 and 61, studying the strategies for separating the solutes from the solvent in mixtures.

Les sciences humaines 7A – We reviewed a little at the beginning of class and then moved onto the essay assignment. The students completed some peer editing and worked on their body paragraphs. They will be handing in their first draft to me for some corrections and suggestions.

Le français 7E – We practiced our initial sports questions with multiple partners and as a class. The students use the list of sport vocabulary to identify what they believe may be the ten sports around the world. We will compare our answers next answers.

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