Le mercredi 22 janvier

Bonjour tout le monde. Voilà notre journée!

Les maths 7D & 7C – The students finally received their divisibility test. We reviewed a few questions and clarified some misunderstandings. We moved onto the next step in the unit – adding mixed numbers. This adds another step in our approach to adding fractions. I have added the document from today’s class into the maths folder. The google classroom remains on pause for another day. Apologies.

Les sciences humaines 7A – We continued into our essays. We will use next class to finish typing and some peer editing. No due date has been assigned to the essay, it will be used as an in-class assignment.

La science 7A – We finished the last section of chapter 2. We are working on some review documents and prepping for a chapter test. We scheduled our test for Wednesday, January 29th.

Le français 7E – We are at a point now where we can identify our favourite sports and explain why we like them. We can also ask of others their favourite sports and why. We practiced our phrasings to explain a sport. We will use this portion of the unit to promote our preferred sports.


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