Le mardi 11 février

Good day, good day! Here’s our day.

Les maths 7D & 7C – We spent much of the class time on the numerical coefficient within expressions. The 7C crew wrote the formative assessment to measure their understanding of expressions and the roles of the constant, coefficient and the variable. We have our quiz on expressions on Thursday. We moved into equations and practiced with a few examples on how to isolate the variable. The google classroom has been updated with the homework.

Les sciences humaines 7A – I returned the essays and gave the students some further explanation of the rubric. We completed some review for geography and scheduled a little geography quiz for Friday, February 14. We started into our research for the Greek gods and goddesses and will continue the next class.

La science 7A – We completed the questions on ecological taxonomy and moved into population. I’m hoping to organise a little quiz on the chapter thus far within the next week or so. We completed questions 8 and 6 together on page 87 and question 4 on page 91.

Le français 7E – The students worked on their mini paragraph assignment and handed in a good copy. We worked on some reading comprehension together as a class and discussed the next assignment, a reading comprehension, to be completed individually using an athlete’s biography.


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