Le mercredi 19 février

Here’s our Wednesday!

Le français 7E – We worked on a second writing assignment using our research from the previous class. The students researched a favourite athlete using questions we’ve practiced in class and are now organising a description and a biography of that athlete.

Les maths 7D & 7C – The students focused mainly on developing equations using information within a particular scenario. The students developed an equation, isolated the variable and practiced verifying their answer.

Les sciences humaines 7A – We reviewed our mythology notes and started into some of the social norms within Ancient Athens. We are using a text for this section of the unit, L’Antiquité, as our source of information.

Les sciences humaines 7D – We reviewed and finalised our notes on mythology. We analysed the information to identify absent subject matter from the god and goddess’ patronage and developed our own role within the mythology.

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