Le lundi 24 février

Good day all. One items I forgot to mention in the previous blog posts is our pink shirt campaign happening this Wednesday, February 26. Students are invited to wear pink in the annual campaign to combat bullying. Keep bringing in those batteries!!!

La science 7D – We started the class with a review sheet for the work we’ve completed in chapter 3 thus far. I have uploaded a copy for the students who were absent today. We moved onto the ecological niche of particular animals. The students worked through the information on pages 95 and 97. The students answered question 2 on page 97.

Le français de base 7E – The students had the opportunity to complete their written assignment discussing their favourite athlete. We completed some review activities for the new question and answers on preferred daily activities.

Les maths 7C & 7D – The students received a review page for their studying tonight for tomorrow test on algebra. I have uploaded a copy for those students who were absent today.

Les sciences humaines 7A – The students reviewed mythology and the social norms of Ancient Athens. We then moved onto the text to research the social norms for Ancient Sparta. Finally, we started analysing the structural make-up of the ancient city-states, using a visual of Ancient Corinth.

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