Le mardi 25 février

Thank you all for the donations for the Battery Blitz. Lots of used batteries coming in and we are certainly doing well in the competition. Tomorrow is pink shirt day, so students are invited to participate by wearing some pink tomorrow. Here’s our day.

Les sciences 7D – We worked on some more on our Chapter 3 review page, a copy can be found in the sciences folder. The students moved onto some further study of the ecological niche. We are working through a sample provided by the workbook that mimics a project we are planning for the future.

Le français 7E – We worked through the new question asking about preferred activities. The students worked with partners and provided the answers of their partners. We will  be starting some reading and writing activities with this new question during Thursday’s class.

Les maths 7D – We wrote our algebra test today. All but one have the test written, once that is complete the tests will be handed back.

Les sciences humaines 7D – We reviewed Greek mythology and applied our notes to some visuals. The students were then partnered and researched the social norms of education, marriage and military service in Ancient Athens. The students used a textbook and comprehension was quite strong for the group.

Les maths 7C – Due to hockey academy, we rescheduled the algebra test for tomorrow’s class. We used the class to correct the stations that were completed Friday and yesterday and worked on the chapter’S final review document. A copy of the page can be found in the maths folder.

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